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Sometimes it's best to buy the Original Remote !

Posted on October 23, 2013 by admin There have been 0 comments

Every now and then we all find the need to purchase a new TV remote control. Most of us will go the "CHEAP" route and head to Walmart for a universal remote which can be picked up for as little as $9.95 and sometimes even less. However, with the universal remote it requires adding codes for your TV set, and while it may work, most times it will not fully operate all of the functions you are used to on your TV set.

So, if you were to purchase the original remote from a reputable online dealer, such as remotebarn.us, for possibly $29.95, over the long run you will save much aggravation and stress. We all expect our new TV sets to last over 5 years. IF you divide the cost of an original remote over those 5 years, it certainly seems worth it at only $6.00 per year and no aggravation from a non-functional universal remote control

It's all up to you. Most people will try the universal remote first, and still end up having to buy the original remote.

Sometimes it's best to buy the Original Remote first !

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