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With so many apps available on the market today designed to replace the humble television remote control, many people are beginning to wonder whether televisions will continue to come with remotes. Or will consumers simply be provided with the name of an app to download in order to control their televisions with their smart phones or tablet computers? 

Television manufacturers say no.

Television remote controls will remain a staple part of the total television package. By continuing to provide quality remote controls, manufacturers will be able to ensure that those who don't have a smart phone or tablet device can still control their televisions remotely while ensuring that those who do have the latest technology have a choice. Imagine how frustrating it would be to try to watch television with a smart device that has a depleted battery. Having remote controls come standard with each television package gives consumers options as to which device they would prefer to use. They also provide an alternative way to control your television in the event your primary controller is unavailable. What's more is that most television remotes provide additional control options simply unavailable on television remote control apps, meaning that using one gives you greater control over your television viewing experience.

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